*NEW* Prophecy Unsealed Vol II Special Pre-order

Volume 2 promo.jpg
Volume 2 promo.jpg

*NEW* Prophecy Unsealed Vol II Special Pre-order


Prophecy Unsealed Vol II Special Pre-order.  (Ships  May 1st)  This is a special pre-order package to raise funds for production.  The DVD was sent to the vendor 4/9/18 and will be ready for purchase/sale by May 1st.  We offer this special deal of $50 for :

1. Prophecy Unsealed Volume I
2. Prophecy Unsealed Volume II
3. Biblical Forgiveness (Signed by Dan Goodwin to you)
4. Sermon CD (The Ten Virgins)

All this for your $50 gift that will be a great help to the ministry.

Note:  If you already have Volume #1, I am happy to give you any of my other materials in place of it.

Volume II is better quality than Volume 1 and includes the following four sessions:
1. The Final Generation
2. The Unknown Day
3. Mystery of Babylon
4. Seven-Sealed Book

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